A big Thankyou to purchasers of the Textbook of Fluid Physiology…

I’m delighted to hear from the Publisher that sales of Fluid Physiology in hardback continue to be strong, and that they feel confident to expand our readership by offering a paperback version at a more affordable price. My hope is that this will enable every prescriber of fluid therapy to have their own copy, or at least easy access to a team copy for reference. You’ll be able to answer questions like the following, and many more not addressed in ‘standard’ text books, with confidence;

What is the normal volume of distribution of sodium?

What is the central volume of distribution of an isotonic fluid bolus?

Why does hypertonic sodium chloride infusion not cause oedema?

Can an infusion of 0.9% NaCl (Na 155 mmol/l) cause hyponatraemia in surgical patients?

Does potassium loading increase intracellular volume?

Can you explain how the osmotic pressure difference is kept below the hydrostatic pressure difference in most tissues most of the time?

Can you describe the vital role of lymph nodes in the circulation of extracellular fluid?

What is a lymphangion?

If you want to be the smartest fluid prescriber on your team, watch this space…

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after more than a quarter of a century of intensive care medicine consultancy in one of the UK's largest teaching hospitals Dr Woodcock is on a mission to ensure the steady state Starling principle is known and understood by every student and every practitioner.

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