Corona Virus Lockdown

Universities and Colleges are now delivering Lectures to your home Computer, and is following suit.

The first lecture commitment that I decided I had to cancel was in Leeds, Yorkshire, March 17th. I have now added a Sound file with my commentary to each Keynote slide, which plays on the Transition. I mailed a copy to the Course Organiser to share with delegates, with my apologies for not being there and my sincere Best Wishes for the challenges to come.

Today I have made that lecture available to any critical care practitioner who wants to Update on the Starling Principle as it applies to volume resuscitation from hypovolaemia. As an Apple aficionado I prepared that lecture on Keynote, but I know that some of you prefer PowerPoint. I have therefore also added a PowerPoint file which is a Keynote conversion. Please go to the Education page.

Corona virus

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after more than a quarter of a century of intensive care medicine consultancy in one of the UK's largest teaching hospitals Dr Woodcock is on a mission to ensure the steady state Starling principle is known and understood by every student and every practitioner.

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