The Four Minute non-invasive CVP.

Yesterday we tried something neither of us had done together before; we measured one another central venous pressure. It took less than 4 minutes from offering out an arm to seeing the value displayed in glorious black and white in an App on a tablet computer. I have posted the video so you can verify my claim, but it is rather dull, so let me summarise. It took 1 min 15 s to apply the Sensor and the pressure cuff to Mrs W’s arm and then to connect them to the monitor and the tablet. Next was a 1 min 25 s inflate/ deflate cycle to ‘seat’ the sensor against Mrs W’s arm, and finally the measurement cycle (which only inflates to about 50 mmHg) is just under a minute, displaying the result by 1 min 10 s.

What is clear is that vasomapping can be performed by any practice nurse or general practitioner in the patient’s home or in the outpatient clinic. With this prototype the App only calculates and displays CVP, but as the tablet has WiFi it can email raw data to in Vancouver WA. for comprehensive reporting. With software enhancements the amount of information processed and displayed at the bedside can be increased, but there is no point in providing the user with more information than s/he understands how to interprete. You want to know the mean capillary pressure so you can keep it low to prevent oedema? You can have it. Want to know the mean systemic pressure? Vasomapping can give you the mean venular pressure, which is probably near enough. An exciting possibility is that vasomapping will be able to contribute to the early diagnosis of systemic sepsis before cardiovascular decompensation and hypotension occur. Pre-eclampsia is another disease of endothelial dysfunction that could possibly be monitored by vasomapping. The possibilities are many, and great avenues of research may be revealed. Exciting times.

Please note that, at the time of writing, vasomap technology has not been FDA approved or kite marked and so is not available to purchase. I receive no remuneration for discussing this innovative approach to circulatory therapeutics.

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