The Starling equations, classic and revised, and Wikipedia

When I first discovered I had been cited on a Wikipedia page I was thrilled and honoured. Great to have been noticed. But then the anonymous friend who gave me this fleeting immortality on the Starling equation page gave up and left it in a slightly disorganised and confused state. I have at last caved in to impatience and decided to tidy it up. Well no-one else did! Out of respect for the earlier pioneers I have attempted to edit rather than demolish and rewrite, but that has not made the job much easier. I stand in awe of so many excellent FOAMEd educational materials and apologise for exampling just one that is way superior to my Wiki contribution; Alex Yarsev’s eyeball-pleasing and always eloquent deranged physiology. Oh to have had that text when I was an exam candidate. (Older readers might have noticed the humorous reference to the classic text Oh, T.)

Wikipedia is of course a garden that should be regularly tended, pruned and planted, so I invite you to have a look, and consider taking your own trowel and secateurs along with you. But please don’t take a rotavator or power digger to it just yet.


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after more than a quarter of a century of intensive care medicine consultancy in one of the UK's largest teaching hospitals Dr Woodcock is on a mission to ensure the steady state Starling principle is known and understood by every student and every practitioner.

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