Vitamin C and the ethics of Borrowing data.

I was recently amazed to be engaged in a Twitter kerfuffle which generated more than 10,000 Impressions within 24 hours. Passions were running high, libellous comments were being broadcast, and old friendships seemed to be at breaking point. The issue? The ethics of preserving endothelial (im)permeability. This Post reflects my current perspective on things; I…… Continue reading Vitamin C and the ethics of Borrowing data.

Low volume resuscitation – PEGged?

Really grateful to the correspondent who pointed me to interesting work being done on “cell impermeants” at Virginia Commonwealth University using the hydrogel PEG-20k. I was previously unaware of the therapeutic potential for polyethylene glycol and remain uncertain about the “cell impermeant” rationale. Low volume hypertonic and/ or low volume hyperoncotic resuscitation have…… Continue reading Low volume resuscitation – PEGged?