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Keeping up with latest advances in fluid physiology is difficult. Why not have come along to one of your team’s Educational meetings?

Dr Woodcock has lectured on fluid physiology and therapy at the Royal College of Anaesthetists, the Royal Society of Medicine, the Physiological Society (London), at several AAGBI Regional Core Topics meetings, at the Winter Scientific Meeting and at Congress.

View Dr Woodcock & Prof Clough’s H3 Symposium at the Physiological Society, London; Microvascular physiology-implications for understanding intravenous fluid therapy. H3 Presentations 2014.

Fluid Physiology teams up with IFAD will be at International Fluid Academy 2017.


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Introducing a quantitative approach to fluid and electrolyte therapy and the venous excess approach to haemodynamics. Click on the links to download presentations which are designed for self-learning, or 1:1 / small group teaching.


  1. quant-fluids-1 Salty Sam looks at the basics of salt and water balancing.
  2. quant-fluids-2 Careful with that colloid, Eugene introduces the steady-state Starling principle, colloids and haemofiltration.
  3. quant-fluids-3 Acid basics shows how to use Stewart’s quantitative approach for better diagnosis of acid-base issues. The final slide is a Certificate that you can print and award to the completing student!
  4. venous-excess Venous excess is a beginners account of haemodynamic physiology based on the teaching of Reddi and Carpenter at Cambridge University. Dr Eugene at last impresses Professor B’Staad.


Proud to supply a PDF file of the Web Exclusive Review “Ernest Starling and the Colloid Delusion” 2015 colloid-delusion-fluidphysiology


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