Low volume resuscitation – PEGged?

Really grateful to the correspondent who pointed me to interesting work being done on “cell impermeants” at Virginia Commonwealth University using the hydrogel PEG-20k. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4476060/ http://journals.lww.com/jtrauma/Abstract/publishahead/Low_Volume_Resuscitation_Using_Polyethylene.99474.aspx I was previously unaware of the therapeutic potential for polyethylene glycol and remain uncertain about the “cell impermeant” rationale. Low volume hypertonic and/ or

Hypoalbuminaemia in surgical practice; recent insights from the Karolinska.

Jan Wernerman’s respected team at the Karolinska are publishing interesting data from their investigations into perioperative and inflammatory hypoalbuminaemia. Followers of fluidphysiology.org understand that albumin has two vital circulations; in steady state conditions most of our albumin is within the extravascular circulation of interstitial fluid. Acute dehydration can increase the

Reflections on ENVOL

Etude des marqueurs iNnovants de la VOLémie Congratulations to Bernard Vigue for conceiving the ENVOL study, and to his colleagues for painstakingly collecting the data. The majority of patients had primary intracranial pathology which makes one concerned about relevance in a non-neuro setting, but I shall put that to one