2020 – the year of the fluid physiologist?

Every critical care team needs its own super specialists and I have long believed that fluid physiology should be one of those super specialisms. I was therefore delighted to see this short if cryptic comment from the Smiths Medical Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care at University College London.

Now, to get things in proportion, I am not suggesting that EVERY giver of i.v. fluids should read this very specialist book. Nor every prescriber, though I would hope that intravenous prescribers in training are educated and supervised by a knowledgeable fluid physiologist. Local intravenous therapy policies and protocols should be lead by, and periodically reviewed by, someone who understands fluid physiology and is keeping abreast of current clinical research. Manu Malbrain’s International Fluid Academy Days celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year in Brussels https://www.fluidacademy.org/ifad-2020.html and almost every major Conference will have at least a session dedicated to this increasingly fashionable field of study. The Big Sick 20 is just a few weeks away now, why not come along and chat to me about your career in fluid physiology? I understand the apres-ski Bar is very convivial…

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