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Q. Who tied a beating-heart dog preparation to the railings between a courtyard of the Sorbonne and the pavement of a Parisian public thorough-fare?

Q. Why was The Brown Dog immortalised with a statue in London?

Q. Can you describe the several forms of the endothelial barrier and the major barrier components?

Q. What is the clinical relevance of immediately-available sodium stores?

Q. How do you explain the regulation of cardiac output?

Q. What is the mean circulatory pressure while the circulation of blood is in progress? Where can it be measured?

Q. In recent years the channeling of interstitial fluid flow and the role of glymph in the brain have been revealed. Could you teach a student about them?

Q. Which body tissues have no apparent lymphatic vessels?

This book is a history and an overview of fluid physiology as it pertains to clinical practice. The busy clinician does not have time to follow physiology science progress, so this text aims to point out the recent (and not-so-recent but under appreciated) developments of potential therapeutic relevance. See the Home Page for links to on-line retailers who are now accepting your pre-order. Become the Fluid Physiologist in your clinical team!

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