A new Twigley – Hillman diagram

While trying to direct people away from the classic Twigley – Hillman diagram and towards my kinetic diagrams it became apparent that the standard plasma/ interstitial/ intracellular compartment boxes divided by capillary wall or cell membrane is now so ingrained that I have to take a different approach. With thanks to those who shared their thoughts, I have created a revised Twigley – Hillman diagram.

ESL is the endothelial surface layer that restricts red blood cells to the aqueous phase of the intravascular volume. it contains the endothelial glycocalyx. Note the circulation of extracellular fluid Jv (transendothelial solvent filtration rate) and Qlymph (sum of solvent absorption in lymph node venues and the supply of protein-rich fluid fluid to the right and left lymphatic ducts). Note the presence of both intravascular and interstitial gel phases which may be clinically important in sodium regulation. Collagen is emerging as the structural pathway for fluid flow in the interstitium.

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