Every Hospital need Starling Ambassadors.

Reflecting on a productive few days chez Duke in Durham NC and delighted to find the ‘new’ (or maybe not so new) fluid physiology is at last gaining traction. You can get a taste at TopMedTalk thanks to my friend and some-time adversary Professor Monty Mythen. Monty is of course an academic descendant of the legendary Ernest Starling, and I have championed the landmark physiology that led to the Michel-Weinbaum model and the steady-state Starling Principle.

Now I renew my call for Starling Ambassadors; every hospital needs at least one, and we need to know who you are and where you are so we can unite to spread the word as quickly as possible. Check out this Figure from Woodcock & Woodcock 2012; Are you ready to be Leader in rational fluid prescribing at your Institution?


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