Wanting to reward those loyal followers who visit, I trawled through my HD and found an Educational project I used in Southampton several years ago to help students get a quantitative grasp of practice. It is unambitiously titled Understanding fluids, urea and electrolyte balance; a quantitative approach and you can find the download links on Educational services page.

For instance;

Sam is venesected about about 10% of his blood volume. How much infused isotonic saline should fully compensate him for the intravascular deficit?

If you answered somewhere in the region of 750 ml you are quantitatively competent; You took 5000 ml to be an indicative blood volume, 10% is 500 ml, then you remembered the resuscitative efficiency of crystalloid to be about 1.5 so 1.5 x 500 = 750 ml.

If you said “Start norepinephrine to boost his stressed venous volume” I couldn’t say you are wrong, but maybe a sledge hammer to a walnut…

Anyway, walk yourself or your student/s through all three modules, getting most of the challenges right, and at the end you can award yourself/ your student/s a very Prestigious Certificate to add to your/ their Portfolio! Good Luck! and please let me know what you think.

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