Welcome CritCareReviews followers… want to try walking on water?

Rob MacSweeney’s Critical Care Reviews Project is an astounding undertaking, delivering a website, newsletter, meeting, book and podcast for Free Open Access to scientific advancement in critical care. Fluidphysiology.org is proud to be at the centre of attention, even if only for one day, as Woodcock & Woodcock 2012 becomes Paper of the Day, Monday 26th September 2016, kicking off a week of focus on the topic of the endothelial glycocalyx. So why celebrate with the David Miller painting of a trout?
RSE&GM was conceived on the banks of the River Test in Hampshire, from conversations with my offspring and co-author during his visit to England. The trout is a red blood cell in the free-flowing plasma (upper layer of the river), partly supported by pressure created by retarded flow through the glycocalyx layer (weed layer of the river). The trout can also behave like a white cell, capable of entering the glycocalyx (weed) when it needs to. Fanciful? Then how about Sheldon Weinbaum’s analogies of a boarder on powdered snow, or a Jesus Christ lizard walking on water? One of the most erudite and entertaining accounts around, you really must add Sheldon to your study list.

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