This clinical result supports the revised Starling law…

I guess I should be pleased that researchers in Tokyo and Anesth Analg journal editors/ reviewers in the USA have noticed that there have been some revisions in fluid physiology; one can hardly call these recent revisions. But how my heart sank when I read the headlines;

“The revised Starling law suggests that intravenously infused fluid may leak into the interstitium and not remain in the intravascular space. This hypothesis is supported by clinical findings that postoperative weight gain is proportional to the amount of infused fluid.”

No! I trust the intelligentsia who peruse my blogs do not need me to point out the nonsense in this statement.

They go on;

“This clinical result supports the revised Starling law, which suggests that intravascular fluid may often leak into the interstitium.”

Often? Intravascular fluid CONTINUOUSLY filters to the interstitium and returns as lymph (OK, my readers already know that. Sorry I shouted, sometimes the frustration gets to me).

“More work is needed to better understand the factors governing leakage of infused fluid into the interstitial space.”

More work also needs to be done on teaching the steady state Starling principle. Will I live long enough?

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