Faculty of 1000

Do you despair of waiting months, maybe years for Publication of research results you saw previewed at a recent Conference?

Have you been frustrated by Editors who publish only positive studies in their prestigious Journal, and wondered what changes they have demanded to the submitted Manuscript?

Do you wonder why Editors invite the most Industry-indebted opinion leaders to write Editorials? (I am of course thinking especially of Joachim Boldt’s relationship with four leading anaesthesia and critical care journals.)

Does secretive Peer Review strike you as outdated and incompatible with our era of openness?

Do you believe that the full data set on which a manuscript relies should be available to scrutiny by the scientific community?

Are you sick of Impact Factor elitism among the journals and the professional inner circle?

You need to take a look at F1000. Founded by open-access publishing pioneer Vitek Tracz, F1000 is developing to be a one-stop platform for collaboration, research and knowledge dissemination. Read Vitek’s manifesto here. My experience of it so far has been very positive, and I highly commend it to the Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine community. Give it a go.

I declare that I receive no funding from F1000, and was surprised to be announced Critical Care & Emergency Medicine Faculty Member of the Year 2015

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