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 “Readers will enjoy a clear, concise, and comprehensible description of body fluid compartments, the key role of the endothelial surface layer (i.e. glycocalyx) and the vital importance of interstitial fluid and lymph flow in determining transvascular fluid flux in both the pulmonary and systemic circulations.  They will also enjoy his discussion of why venous excess and not venous return is the primary determinant of cardiac output.  These discussions apply to all mammals and will capture the interest of anyone interested in fluid balance and fluid therapy.”   

“Career-changing”. Monty Mythen, UCL

“Fantastic”. Korbin Haycock, EM Physician at Loma Linda, California.

“I am not going near a dangerous book like that five days before an exam Thomas! Non non non”

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This website is for physicians and physiologists who want resources and support to learn, to apply and to teach the steady-state Starling principle. We also welcome contributions from the Pharmaceutical Industry and Equipment Manufacturers engaged in the field of fluid physiology and fluid therapy.  It is directed and moderated by Tom Woodcock M.Biol. Ph.D and Thomas Woodcock MB.BS M.Phil Med Law (Glasg).

“Sub-optimal fluid therapy is costing patients their lives and causing tens of thousands of patients to suffer complications every year” Mike Stroud, NICE 2013

“everything we were taught about Starling’s forces at the capillary was wrong” UK Critical Care Research Forum 2016

“The challenge is to keep fluid in the intravascular space.”

“The Basics, reappraised.” Tom Woodcock 2012

“New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they’re not already common” John Locke, d.1704

“The chief object of education is not to learn things but to unlearn things”
G. K. Chesterton

“The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.”
Bertrand Russell


John Myburgh AO ‏@JAMyburgh Mar 5
@thomaswoodcock Please refer to my paper on Resuscitation Fluids in NEJM. Your paper on EGCX should be mandatory reading.

Gary Macy, Duke University Hospital. “I believe!”

Great project and topical – everything we were taught about Starling’s forces at the capillary was wrong http://t.co/LDTKH6h1Ms

PICS Trainee Reps
“@jez_tong: One of the most important papers out on fluid theory: #glycocalyx http://t.co/XgoK29KlrK #FOAMed #CriticalCare” #PICMustReads

Dr Pnt Laloë
Via Shaman Jhanji at CPD day. Just reminded us about this great glycocalyx & Starling BJA paper by Woodcock. http://t.co/VoivSX0dtp

Your review on revised Starling in Br J Anaesth 2012 really impressed me and excited my interest in fluid therapy in critical illness.


Rob Mac Sweeney        @CritCareReviews

@thomaswoodcock @Fluid_Academy it’s a message to be spread.
Lots of interest in human CC from vets too – many following CCR for updates
08:55 PM – 25 Sep 16


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